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Tools & Calculators

Debt Investment Calculator

Future Value Calculator

Lifetime Savings Calculator

Loan Comparison Calculator

Money to Time Calculator

Real Hourly Wage Calculator


Tools and Calculators

The following calculators require a javascript enabled browser to work.

  • Debt Investment Calculator
    Rather than investing the spare money you have in stocks and shares, would investing it in repaying your debts get a better return?

  • Future Value Calculator
    What will be the future value of your savings? Whether you are starting with a lump sum or if plan to save regularly, this calculator will give you an idea of how much you could end up with.

  • Lifetime Savings Calculator
    What sort of nest egg could you build up just by changing your brand of washing powder? In short, what are the lifetime savings you could make by playing smart with your money?

  • Loan Comparison Calculator
    Compare what effect chaging the rates, term and interest rate of your loan will have on what your loan will truly cost you.

  • Money to Time Calculator
    How much time is your money worth?

  • Real Hourly Wage Calculator
    How much are you really earning per hour? Tax and Natioanl Insurance aren't the only things which eat into your pay. What about all the incidental costs related to your job ... how much are they reducing your hourly wage by?


    Online Calculators on other websites:

  • Budget Calculator
    The Financial Services Authority's online personal budget calculator. Helps you work out just much you have left after paying your bills.

  • Budget Calculator
    Simple to use javascript calculator to help you determine how much money you have left after paying your bills. Dollar ($) denominated.

  • Housing Benefit, Council Tax and Tax Credit Calculators
    A selection of calculators produced by Peter Cox of Basildon District Council to aid in determing the level of benefits or tax credits you may be entitled to.

  • Net Worth Calculator
    How much are you really worth. Add together all yoru assets, deducts all your liabilities and see how much you are really worth. Dollar ($) denominated calculator.

  • Rule of 78 Loan Calculator
    Calculates interest liability for early settlement of loans which use the Rule of 78.



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