Nuisance and Unsolicited Calls

In recent months there has been an escalation in the amount of phone spam attempting to sell 'debt solutions'. The tough economic conditions no doubt being seen as an opportunity to pounce ... and pounce some have.

What has become evident is that there are lead generation companies, which appear to be based overseas, making serial phone calls to households and letting call recipients believe the cold callers represent companies they don't.

In February we became aware that the bureau had been added to the list of organisations who were taking the flack as a result of teh debt solutions phone spammers.

Of course, there are a number of limited companies with 'Debt Advice Bureau' somewhere in the title. Given that we are a long established free advisory service, having assisted with the production of TV programmes and appeared in the press and on radio, the bureau tends to come up first in the search results. And, as using search engines is the most common way for people to find soemthing, a number of victims of these phoen spammers find themselves here.

Let us make it absolutely clear to anyone who has received an unsolicited call claiming to be made by the bureau. "It was not us. We do not make cold calls. We do not telemarket. We never have, and never will, make an unsolicited call".

When we began being contacted, mistakenly, by phone spam recipients we contacted the Telephone Preference Service and they were apprised of the situation. Arthur Cummings, TPS Team Leader at the Telephone Preference Service, replied.

"Unfortunately misrepresentation is a little too common and in most cases the offenders are unscrupulous organisations. I have arranged for your company name and address to be flagged on our records so that if we receive complaints alleging receipt of unsolicited direct marketing calls from your organisation we will advice the complainant accordingly".

This means that anyone not already sure the bureau is not behind the calls should have it confirmed as such by the TPS. As is the case of call recipients who have already contacted us.

"Thank you for your prompt response and for explaining the matter. I'm sorry to have accused your company for the phone calls".
A. B., Essex

"Many thank for your email and I didn't think for one moment that the people who have been call would be anything do with your company but I had to start somewhere".
A. V., Norfolk

"I was going to report the DAB to the financial ombudsman until i realised that I was being contacted by a nuisance company".
L. G., Lincolnshire

"Have phoned three times asking for my son. I knew they were bogus as having worked with CAB I was aware that they should not have told me who they were representing".Mr. S., Glasgow


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