06-11-2008: First Time Buyers Struggle to Find Larger Deposits
Despite falling house prices First-Time Buyers (FTBs) are having to find larger deposits, stumping up an average of £19,000 compared to just £14,500 a year ago.

29-10-2008: Mortgage Approvals Stabilise at Historic Lows
Today's announcement by the Bank of England that new mortgage approvals for house purchases totalled 33,000 in September, a 1,000 increase from their August low, may provide a little comfort for all those with a vested interest in the housing market.

01-09-2008: Government GDP Growth Rate Versus Reality
The last couple of weeks have seen a myriad of headlines expressing a fear of recession, asking will we go in to recession and, if so, when the recession will start. Rather than asking the when and if, why aren’t they asking how the when and if are calculated?

27-08-2008: Buy-to-Let Stats Hide Surge in Bad Debts
At first glance the statistics on buy-to-let mortgage numbers, arrears and repossessions would seem not that bad. However, closer inspection would suggest that the BTL sector is deteriorating ... and fast.