No Fees Debt Management Service

The sensible alternative to consolidation loans or IVAs.

Did you answer YES to all those questions?

If so, a Debt Management Plan may be right for you.

A debt management plan is designed to help you make affordable and sustainable repayments each month to your creditors.

But trying to get all your creditors to agree to reduced payments can be hard work, especially when their collection departments only know one word, "No".

Your debt manager will:

  1. Go through your finances with you;
  2. Prepare a Financial Statement and Budget;
  3. Agree an affordable monthly payment with you;
  4. Negotiate with your creditors;
  5. Distribute 100% of your payment to your creditors.

A No Fees Debt Management Service means:

  • No Administration Charges;
  • No Set-Up Fees;
  • No so-called "Deposit";
  • Every Pound You Pay Goes to Clearing Your Debts.


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